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Everything on the Family-Home Wish-List is here...

...…almost 1900 sqft of living space; 3 bedrooms/bathrooms; two fireplaces; a sizable studio-loft; a level, fenced, child&pet-perfect backyard; and a separate garage + carport. Plus Crystal View Elementary is only a 3-min park-walk away from this 10-yr old Cul-de-Sac home which sits on a generous lot with Mill Hill Park at the property’s back edge. New flooring on the main, a large kitchen area, lots of closet space, plenty of door trim, vaulted ceilings in the Master bedroom... and have I mentioned the veranda out front and the patio out back? Or that asking price is $37,000 below B.C. Assessment?  

Call me, Al: (250) 686-6325. Doing ReAlty right!

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Atkins, Langford   $449,900


wAlk the tAlk


Call me, Al, direct:    250-686-6325

E-mail:    Al@CallMeAl.ca

On-line:    www.CallMeAl.ca

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