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Stunning views from every floor...

... in this nearly-new Executive Family Home perched atop Mill Hill. Not only does this property have a perfect panoramic view, but its other features are also bound to impress: beautiful oak floors, a huge rec room, a fully-functional multi-media entertainment room, 2700+ square feet of finished space … yes, the list goes on and on here. And you’re sure to appreciate the extras, too: inlaid glass front door, hallway wainscoting, programmable thermostats, extensive CAT-V cabling, shading on west-facing windows, kitchen backsplash, fireplace slating, oak flooring, deck stairs… Ever wanted to live above the rest? Act now — before this gem’s gone! 

Call me, Al: (250) 686-6325. Doing ReAlty right!

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Mill Hill, Langford   NEW PRICE - $569,900


wAlk the tAlk


Call me, Al, direct:    250-686-6325

E-mail:    Al@CallMeAl.ca

On-line:    www.CallMeAl.ca

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