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Top Floor, Southeast Facing, Centrally-Located...

... this spacious one bedroom condo features an open floor plan with a big living room, a cozy gas fireplace (incl. in fees), a separate dining area, eat-in kitchen, large bedroom, in-suite laundry, vaulted ceilings, separate storage, and yes, itís certainly priced to sell Ė so donít miss the Open House. Just starting out and looking for a home thatíll keep you below the first-time buyerís exemption? (Besides, why keep paying rent?) You could live just a few steps from the Galloping Goose Trail and Uptown Mall! Check this one out now -- call to see it! 

Call me, Al: (250) 686-6325. Doing ReAlty right!

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Gateway, Victoria   $205,000


wAlk the tAlk


Call me, Al, direct:    250-686-6325

E-mail:    Al@CallMeAl.ca

On-line:    www.CallMeAl.ca

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